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The Settlers Online


22.03.2019 Game Hotfix 22/03/2019 (done)

Dear Settlers,

A game hotfix is scheduled for March 22nd.
During this time, the game will be unavailable.

Game Maintenance

  • Day: Friday, March 22nd
  • Game Worlds: (1 - 2) Closed
  • Start:  Approx. 06:00 AM ET
  • End: Approx. 10:00 am ET
  • Adventures & Premium: Times will be extended

This hotfix is for Urgent database maintenance.

Happy Settling!

The Community Team

21.03.2019 Dev Notes: Adventure Pricing

Dear Settlers,

With the upcoming change, we will adjust the prices of adventures in the merchant. We want to share with you more details and give a small insight about the economy relations that are connected with this process.

Please visit our forums to read the >full details<.

Happy Settling!

21.03.2019 Get The Settlers History Collection!

Dear Players,

Happy Spring Season everyone!

You can save 50% on the History Collection of "The Settlers" as well as on other selected games during the Ubisoft Store Spring Sale.

Spring Sale

Get the special offer now in the Ubisoft Shop!

"The Settlers Online" team

20.03.2019 Sneak Peek: Easter Event 2019

Dear Settlers,

A new General is making his way to the upcoming Easter version. It is up to you to find out what his expertise is by checking him out on the public test server.

And while you're waiting for the game to load, head over to our forums to find out more!

Happy testing! 

13.03.2019 A One-time Spring Gem Package

Dear Settlers,

Brace Yourselves, Spring is Coming! Make sure you are prepared for the upcoming Season, and get some extra Gems now! You know nothing, Princess Zoe...

Spring Special Gem Package

  • Start: 13th of March 2019
  • End: 31st of March 2019
  • Bonus: +125%
  • Restrictions: One purchase per player

If you're still eligible to purchase a Starter Pack, the Spring Pack will take its place until either it's bought, or the offer ends. 

Jump over to the Shop to find out more!

Happy Spring! 

11.03.2019 Changelog 19.03.2019

Dear Settlers,

The new game version will bring several improvements to the game, as well as a rework to the christmas tree and reduced meadhall and scouting post cooldown times!

Read more about the upcoming version in our Change Log.

Happy settling,

30.01.2019 Leave a Note

Dear adventurers,

We all know the strange sounds our specialists or generals give. If your specialists could leave messages or notes to visitors on your island, what would these texts look like? Are they more funny or maybe quite charming?

Share the funniest ideas with the community in our Forum!

Happy settling,

23.01.2019 Handwriting Day

Dear calligrapher,

Today it’s Handwriting Day and it does not only ask you to put your pen to the paper, but also to share some of your special achievements throughout the years.

If you created something special and outstanding with the art of letters, share your experiences with the Community in the Forum!

Happy Settling,

18.12.2018 Forum Spotlight

Dear Settlers,

Take a look at QueenGaleria's Christmas wishlist!


We're proud to have such talented and visionary settler in our community. But don't just take our word for it: go read the entire wishlist in our forums!



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