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The Settlers Online


31.10.2014100% Bonus Gem Sale!

Time limited offer: Get double the amount of gems on most packages!
Check the shop for details

This special offer is available right now.
It ends on Friday approx. at 3:00 PM PDT.

Happy Settling!

27.10.2014Test Server: Load Test 10/28

Dear Settlers,

Another load test will be performed soon on the public test environment.

  • Start: Tuesday, 8:00 AM EDT / 5:00 AM PDT
  • End: Tuesday, 3:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM PDT
  • Task: Create high load by testing PvP
  • More details on www.tsotesting.com

Participation reward

If the server load was high, a gift package will be sent on Friday to all regular game accounts of all language versions that have been active this week.

Happy Settling!

27.10.2014A beginner’s guide - by Moonlime

Beginner's Guide

Back in July, we started our Community Representative Program trial and asked for volunteers to assist with specific project work.

The program is now wrapping up and I want to present:

  • A beginner’s guide with the goal of helping beginner players to find some basic information to play The Settlers Online.

I would like to thank Moonlime for all the time and effort in putting this together.

I hope you enjoy it.


24.10.2014Blue Byte Backstage: PvP

Dear Settlers,

A new special episode of Blue Byte Backstage is online. Take a look behind the scenes of PvP "Expeditions" development. Game Design explains core functionalities, but also shares interesting facts about feature iteration steps.

Blue Byte Backstage - PvP special

Wanna get your own impression?
You can try the current PvP version on the international test server.

Happy settling!

24.10.2014Load Test Rewards

Dear Settlers,

Tuesday's PvP load test was a success!



The reward was already sent. Please check your in-game mails!

Thanks for your support, 

23.10.2014Christmas Event 2014: Sneak Peek

Dear Settlers!

October is a great time for... Christmas?! Yes, the Christmas Event is coming closer and closer. An early version will be released at our international test server Thursday afternoon. The latest Sneak Peek provides the first insights.

Ho Ho Ho!

Amongst others new buff adventures and a more intuitive
Christmas Calendar interface will be introduced with this year's event.

Ho Ho Ho! Is this Santas home?
Get in the Christmas Spirit - Read the Sneak Peek!

Important: Thursday's pre-version of the Christmas event is not final.
All numbers, values and quantity are place holders.

Happy testing!

23.10.2014Glowing pumpkins, wolves and magic

Dear pumpkin-hunters!

A spooky item package awaits all active Settlers. Please check your in game mails and don't be afraid of the howling Werewolves.

Trick or Treat?


06.10.2014Halloween Event: Dev's Diary

Dear Settlers,

It's time for Zombies and Pumpkins again: The Settlers Online Halloween Event is coming closer and closer! The event will be activated on October 14th and will introduce not only many features from previous years, but also new content.


For more details, please check out the Dev's Diary.

Happy Settling! 

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