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The Settlers Online


29.03.2015100% MEGA HAPPY HOUR!

Dear Settlers, we've got Happy Hour!


Today, March 29th, until 11:59 PM PDT approximately,
you will have the opportunity to get 100% more gems
in many offers at the shop!


Have fun,
"The Settlers Online" team

26.03.2015Eggs and buffs for you

Dear Settlers!

In the spirit of Easter, you have to find the new stripy eggs,
but some Raving Rabbids distracted your Settlers from searching. 

Eggs for you and some magic to find further eggs more easily

The Easter bunny sent a gift package to all active egg hunters
and reproved her evil cousins to stop playing pranks.


25.03.2015DevBlog: New Event Resources

Dear Settlers,

with this Dev Blog entry, Gamedesign team provides a glimpse behind the curtain again. This year's Easter Event introduced "Stripy Eggs" as new Event resource.

Dev BlogBB_Turian explains, why it was decided to have several changes for event resources.

Read the complete entry in our forums

Happy Egg-hunting!

24.03.2015Game update on Wednesday [COMPLETE]

Dear Settlers,

A game update will be deployed tomorrow. The game will be closed for this task.

  • Day: Wednesday,  March 25th
  • Duration: Approx. 5:00 am - 7:00 am EDT
  • Game: All gameworlds (Zeus & Ares) closed
  • Adventures & Premium: Time will be extended by 6 hours
  • Gifts: A gift package will be sent this week

You can find details about the update here.

Happy Settling!

20.03.2015New Blue Byte Backstage episode

Dear Settlers,

Check out the new video! This time, Game Design explains the new "Scenarios" and "Mountain Buff" features. Furthermore there are a couple of Community topics and a big THANK YOU goes to our moderators all over the world!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl1PWXdVDsA The video contains optional English subtitles.

Happy Watching!

18.03.2015Gifts from a small bunny

All players who have been settling recently, received a gift package.
Why? - Please check your ingame mails!

Happy looting!

13.03.2015Dev's Diary: Easter Event

Dear egg hunters!

Crazy Rabbids all over the place, Easter baskets and colored eggs will soon be decorating kitchens and living rooms. Time for some Easter spirit in the game!

Easter is near!

In this year several new features, a new event resource, level 6 for more buildings and many new items will be included.

The Easter Event starts on Tuesday, March 17th, after the maintenance.
The new Dev's Diary provides more details in the forum.

Happy Easter!

11.03.2015GM Trivia 03/12


Dear Settlers,

We will hold a Trivia event this Thursday, March 12th. This week's trivia theme is "Name that tune".

Join us for this event at 2:45PM EDT on Zeus / 3:20PM EDT on Ares. 

Five questions. Four winners per question. Free Gems.
Have what it takes? Play Now or Read the Rules.

Happy Settling,

06.03.2015Scenarios & Daily Quests adjustments

Dear Settlers,

a new Developer's Diary was just published in our forums. This time, the new Scenario adventures and changes of the Daily Quests are introduced.


Read the details: here

The new game version including the described changes is
going to be deployed on March 10th, 2015.

Happy Settling,

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