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The Settlers Online


20.01.2015GM Trivia this Friday


GM Trivia is back! Thanks to our moderators, we will hold a special event this Friday.

This week's trivia theme is "Name that tune".
Join us this for trivia at 1:45PM EST on Zeus / 2:20PM EST on Ares. 

Four questions. Five winners per question. Free Gems.

Have what it takes? Play Now or Read the Rules


Happy Settling,

20.01.2015PvP Tutorial Video - by Zami

Dear Settlers,

The Forum-Spotlight awards the most interesting and creative contributions our players have decided to share with us. Thanks Zami for sharing your video with us and congratulations for winning 500 gems!

PvP Tutorial Video

You can find Zamis's contribution here. Zami is a member of the guild Ares Platinum Pythons led by Moonlime, on the US server Ares.

Happy Settling!


19.01.2015Maintenance 01/20 [COMPLETE]

Dear Settlers,

The Weekly Maintenance will take place on Tuesday, January 20th.

Important information regarding maintenance:

  • Start: 4:00 AM EST / 1:00 AM PST
  • End: 8:00 AM EST / 5:00 AM PST
  • Guild quest reset: Yes
  • All active guild members will receive 100 guild coins.
  • Adventure and Premium Time will be extended.

For more information please visit our forums.

Thank you for your patience!

19.01.2015Status Update

Dear Settlers,

Today there is a bunch of information for you. Special Weeks have to be postponed, but luckily only the Barracks week is affected. Military Special Weeks remain as planned! Furthermore the international Community survey starts today!

  1. Military Special weeks:
    Remain active (until January 28th)
  2. Barracks Special weeks:
    Will be stopped today and started later (no date, yet)
  3. New change log:
    Next game update will contain many improvements
  4. Guild Market Voting:
    Starts today, details in our forums

Happy Settling

19.01.2015Guild Market Community Vote

Dear Settlers,

The offers in the Guild Market section will be changed soon. The communities all over the world are invited again to vote for their preferred items.

Guild Market Vote

Please check out the forum for further details.

Happy settling!

15.01.2015Military & Barracks weeks (Updated!)

  • Important update (Friday):
    The special weeks Barrack weeks will be stopped on Monday 19th, in the early evening, and will be processed with an updated version later. A new time span will be communicated once the decision has been made. We are sorry for the short notice change.


Dear Settlers,

Starting today, new limited offers are available in the game. Grab ressource packages and buffs for your military buildings in the shop.


Also, all barracks (new and old) productions are 10% faster.
The special weeks are available until January 29th.

Read more details in the forum.

Happy settling,
Your "The Settlers Online" team

14.01.2015Christmas Event ends soon

Dear Settlers,

Removal Phase 2 has been postponed to Friday.
The removal of the event will take place on January 16th, early in the morning. The game will remain online.

You already got these Christmas gifts?

Don't miss this last opportunity to collect all the rewards! Please note that Removal phase 2 will take place on January 16th.

Happy Settling!

08.01.2015Sneak Peek: new test version

Dear Settlers,

A new test server version will be available soon.
Basically, 2 new features will be introduced:

  • The "Mountain Buff" - gain new space on the home island
  • "Scenarios" - non military adventures

Click here and take a look at the Sneak Peek of the new game version!

Remove those bulky mountains once and for all

What is a sneak peek?
Sneak peek is a brief news presenting some aspects of upcoming game updates. After finalizing the version, a corresponding developer's diary will be published.

Happy settling!

01.01.2015Happy New Year 2015!

Welcome to 2015.

In order to celebrate the new year and to boost your start into 2015, please check your ingame mails. All active players received a gift package. 

Enjoy some fireworks and gems!

Happy 2015!

25.12.2014Merry Christmas!


A carpet of many tiny white snowflakes is softly covering your island into a winter dream. Your hear the sound of tiny bells in a distance far away and look into the sky. Once you look down again, a Christmas present lies in front of you.

Please check your in-game mails.

Enjoy Christmas time with your family, beloved ones and friends!
"The Settlers Online" Team

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