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The Settlers Online


28.06.2016 Game update - June 29th

Dear Settlers,

A game update is scheduled for Wednesday.

Game Update

  • Worlds: All (1-2) closed
  • Day: Tuesday, June 29th
  • Start: Approx.  4:00 am EDT // 1:00 am PDT
  • End: Approx. 6:00 am EDT // 3:00 am PDT
  • Adventures & Premium: Times will be extended

This update aims to restore the buffs taken at the beginning of the Soccer Event. 

Happy Settling!

24.06.2016 Guild Market Community Vote

Dear Settlers,

Update 2: The Survey has been restarted. Players who voted before will not see a new popup yet due to a website issue. We expect this to be solved early next week.

Update: The Recycling Manufactory is not tradeable.  To provide every player a fair chance at voting, all surveys will be reset to 0.  A new survey will appear within the next 2 hours.  Anyone who has already voted will be able to vote again.

The offer in the Guild Market section will be changed with one of the next game versions. The communities all over the world are invited again to vote for the preferred items. The vote starts between 15:30 and 16:30 (CEST).

Guild Market Vote

Please check the forum for further details.

Happy settling!

16.06.2016 Sneak Peek: New Star Menu version

Dear Settlers,

a new version of the Star Menu will be available for testing soon.
The long awaited sort, filter and search functions will be implemented.

Sort, Filter & Search

Read more about it in the latest Sneak Peek!

The game version will most likely be deployed on Thursday around 16:00 CEST on tsotesting.com!

Have fun testing,

15.06.2016 Paysafecard Shop Bonus

Dear Settlers,

Together with our partner Paysafecard, we would like to offer you a special opportunity during June to get some coveted Gems for The Settlers Online.

Starting 01.06.2016 until 30.06.2016, you will find a special package within our web-shop that comes with an exclusive 50% bonus.
Each player can purchase this package once.

50% bonus

Enjoy your shopping tour and have fun spending the Gems!
Your “The Settlers Online" Team

09.06.2016 Summer Soccer Event: Dev Diary

Dear Settlers!

This year's Summer Event is all about Soccer once again. Play non-combat Special Event Adventures and collect as many soccer balls as you can. Event Achievements, new Tacitical Resources and a brand new type of building are waiting to be discovered!


Achievement Tropy


The Event Dev Diary explains all new and changed features in detail.
You can find it in our forum.

Have fun kicking! 

31.05.2016 Set game options on website

Dear Settlers,

Performance related game options can soon be set on the website as well. They will be available in the "My Profile" section. 

Game Options

The option menu will be activated on Wednesday between 14:00 and 16:00 CEST without a downtime.

Happy Settling!

30.05.2016 Memorial Day 2016

Dear Settlers,

All across your kingdom a lot of preparations were done to celebrate today’s occasion.  Enjoy gathering with family, friends, and the long standing traditions of floral decorations, picnics, and parades.


Happy Settling!

27.05.2016 Happy Biscuit Day!

Dear Settlers,

Did you know Biscuit Day is celebrated on May 29th? This makes for a perfect opportunity to share this very special cookie recipe and make your weekend sweeter.

Happy Biscuit Day!Use on player to increase gaming speed

Designed to power up TSO players, generations of Settlers have kept this recipe safe and the Ravings Rabbids experimented to improve it in order for it to reach you.

Read the full recipe on our forum and suggest your own!

Happy Baking!

13.05.2016 Dev Blog: The Pathfinder & New Content

Dear Settlers,

BB_Alex (Game Design Team) provides the next Dev Blog as a response to the recent feedback received, explaining background information and development decisions.

Dev BlogNew information on future development plans is also revealed.
Read the complete entry on our forums.


06.05.2016 The Pathfinder - Dev Diary

Dear Settlers,

Ship Ahoy! The story of Captain Mapparan continues.

"The Pathfinder"

His ship, "The Pathfinder", will be yours if you reach level 70 and complete "The Good Captain Part 10".  It provides weekly tasks and the chance for considerable plunder.

Did we spark your interest? Read the Dev Diary on our forums.


29.04.2016 Dev Blog: Treasure Search

Dear Settlers,

BB_Alex (Game Design Team) provides the next Dev Blog: As announced a few weeks back, it explains the Treasure Search during events in more detail.

Dev Blog

It also answers the question why sometimes, even though an event has not ended and Explorers returned in time, no event resources are included in the loot.
Read the complete entry on our forums.


14.04.2016 Summer Event: Sneak Peek

Dear Settlers,

It's time for football! Every two years your island's Settlers get the opportunity to compete in a big football tournament.


The first version of this year's Summer event is planned to be deployed on the international test server in the upcoming days. Read more about it in the Sneak Peek posted on our forums and learn more about this new building:

Footie Field

Happy Settling,

08.04.2016 International Spotlight: Kaventsmann

Dear Settlers,

a long time ago Kaventsmann provided Settlers worldwide the first version of his combat simulator. Five years later, it's version 2.0 is available in 18 languages, provides many features and covers almost all adventures. Impressive!

Combat Simulator by KaventsmannHave a look at the simulator here <

Thanks once more for his restless effort!

01.04.2016 Unicorn Spotlight

Dear settlers,

on this occasion we wanted to present you a new picture of the BB_Ducks. However, everywhere we looked, we only found ... unicorns. Nothing but unicorns today, no matter where you go. What do those marvellous creatures have to say about that?

Okay, so lets count these: Unicorn, Duocorn...

Do you have any idea what else they are talking about?
We are looking forward to your creative ideas in the > forums < !

10.03.2016 Guild Market Vote Results

Dear Voters!

In February the entire worldwide Community voted for items that will be included in the next version of the Guild Market offers. The new items will be implemented approx. in April. Thanks for your participation!

Vote Results

Check out all result details > in our forums <


Happy Settling!

29.01.2016 Mainte-no-nance

Dear Settlers,

we are very happy to inform you of a major change:

No more weekly maintenance

From now on there won't be weekly downtimes anymore!

The good old worker has retired and will only return once in a while: For special scripts and game updates. 

Several fix scripts will run every day around 2:00 CET during runtime instead of once a week during maintenance.

New game deployment time

There will also be a new schedule in which the game will be updated. The exact time will still be posted in an update announcement 1 day prior, but please keep in mind that updates will be rolled out around 8:00 - 12:00 CET. 

We hope you'll enjoy maintenance-free times!
Your "The Settlers Online" team

14.01.2016 Download the slim browser version

Dear Settlers,Download the slim browser version

An alternative way to play the game is available!

The slim browser version includes all the add-ons needed and the best settings for your game. You can use your existing account, you just need to login with your website credentials.


More details & download


Happy Browsing!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

12.01.2016 Update of Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Dear Settlers,

On January 12th 2016, we updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We made the changes to give you more information about our services and to address recent changes in laws and regulations. For more details and a short list of all changes, please click here.

Your "The Settlers Online" Team

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