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The Settlers Online


21.10.2016 Tell Your Tale - Event Winners

Tell an Excelsior Story


Dear Settlers,

The Excelsior has travelled to destinations far from anything your Settlers have ever heard of. In September, we asked you to write about her adventures! We received over 200 stories and decided to increase the amount of rewards :)!

Congratulations to the winners:
Julie3 (DE) & Thejollyone (UK)!

Read more details in our forum.

Thanks for your work and happy settling!

20.10.2016 Firefox v49 game play issues

Dear fox-ish Settlers, 

with the latest Firefox version many details changed "under the hood". This caused an invisible layer no to disappear when the game is started. As a result nothing can be done inside the game, although it's loaded properly.

Firefox Logo

Our developers are working on a fix. Since it's a website based issue, no game update is needed to apply the changes. We will update this post once the improvement has been deployed.

How can you still play?

  • Please use our "Slim Browser" to be able to play
  • Use Firefox portable version 48.0.2 or lower
  • Use another Browser like Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer

Happy Halloween Event!
The Settlers Online Team

17.10.2016 Clean Your Desktop Day

Dear Settlers,

Do you believe in the power of orderly folders, or is your desktop a cluster of icons?


Join us in celebrating Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day by sharing your own desktop with the community, or by creating a Settlers desktop!

Read more tips, tricks and rules in our forum.

Happy desktop cleaning,

10.10.2016 Halloween 2016 - Dev's Diary

Dear Settlers,

It's that time of the year again: Halloween is coming closer! Sonya Graham just reported seeing some ghosts in the distance. Your Geologists spotted  Golems rowing up in tunnels below your island - a brand new "Supreme Golem" has been found!

Golems 2016

We've implemented new content such as buffs, buildings and decorations in this year's Halloween event. Also, the way Pumpkin Cemeteries work has been changed.

Golem Statue

More Adventures reward Pumpkins (via Refills). Find Pumpkins by sending Explorers out on a Treasure search, collect guaranteed Pumpkins on your island and play hard in order to get all 2016 Halloween Achievements.

Check out the Dev Diary for the Halloween Event 2016.
Changes compared to last year are highlighted for you.

Have a happy Halloween & 
spooky settling!

15.09.2016 Forum Spotlight: Gracie_the_Cat

Dear settlers,

There's nothing as exciting as receiving news from loved ones. After setting up residence nearby, Gracie_the_Cat writes home to share the latest developments.

Forum Spotlight - Click for full viewCheck out the post on our forum

Thank you for this entry and congratulations on receiving 500 gems!

12.09.2016 Excelsior - Dev Diary

ExcelsiorDear Settlers,

Sonya Graham and her "Excelsior" are on their way to your islands!
The latest Dev Diary will explain the new features around the Forge of Truth:

  • Crystals, a new Resource
  • New adventure type called "Ventures"
  • Epic Raid "The Evil Queen" Venture campaign
  • Daily quest and daily login bonus changes
  • Lots of new buildings & more

Read the Dev Diary here.

Enjoy this new feature that will be deployed before the end of September! Keep an eye on the game update news for the exact date and time.


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